You wouldn’t do the work of your tech…

You’re a specialist. Not a GP, not a general physician – you’re a specialist. You’ve dedicated time to become the best at what you do and when you go to work, you focus on that specialist role.

You don’t go to theatre and do the work of your tech, so why would you go home and do the work of a bookkeeper?

Time and time again we have anaesthetists come to us to complete their billing tasks because they’re spending hours a week worrying about stickers, unpaid accounts and whether they are correctly claiming from health funds. What’s funny is that they will value the benefits of working with the best anaesthetic tech and just how much time can be saved during a list, but they don’t apply the same value to their own time when looking after their income.

A recent survey we conducted illustrated that there’s a huge gap between the amount of money doctors think that is owed to them, and the truth. Doctors think they are owed less than the actual value of their outstanding payments. Now, if there was a problem between you and your anaesthetic tech, you’d fix it right? So why are so many doctors not supporting themselves when it comes to the money that’s owed to them?

As our membership base grows and we see our anaesthetists unburdened by the worry of chasing patients for money or dealing with health fund rebates, I love to know that we’ve cleared up time from their hectic schedule. They can now focus on their practice and dedicate time to other things that make them good at what they do – working more, networking to grow their business or further training.

But not all of them – instead of going home to complete their billing or adding more lists to their plate, some of them spend the time on other things in their life.

Ben Dudley is the principal of Doctors Accounts Services, and is focused on removing the burden of admin from Perth’s anaesthetists. If you’re interested in how Ben can help your established private practice, then click here. If you’re new to private practice and need help, click here to see how we can easily transition you into your own practice.

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