Problems we solve

The administration associated with running your own private practice can eat up your valuable time – time we’re sure you’d prefer to be spending with your family, doing something you love or earning more money working. We’ve found that doctors who have significant admin burdens:

  • Dedicate too much of their valuable time turning around their accounts
  • Can’t catch up on the growing accumulation of overdue accounts
  • Don’t have the time to update their system with new accounts
  • Have Practice Managers who are overloaded
  • Have multiple payment methods and systems that are difficult to organise
  • Are stressed by overcomplicated BAS, tax and other requirements
  • Are uncomfortable chasing up patients for payment or discuss money and fees
  • Don’t have accurate snapshots to illustrate their current financial performance
  • Manage staff from recruitment, through to training, conduct, managing performance and handling resignations
  • Managing superannuation, entitlements and annual leave
  • Building referral source for the practice

If you’re a doctor with your own private practice and are being burdened with the admin associated with running your business, then you might like to consider outsourcing all of your administration needs to a company that was built specifically to remove this burden. Take a look at how we solve this problem for doctors just like you.