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Having the ability to book rooms for when you have to see patients is certainly convenient. Not only is it private and secure, but it’s also an important contributor to maintaining your professionalism and credibility with patients.

This is especially important for doctors in private practice. Being in private practice means things like personal branding and word of mouth become important elements in delivering (and continuing to deliver) your service.

That said, your investment needs to pay off.

As you have no doubt experienced, the availability and arrangements for consulting rooms is a common issue faced by anaesthetists, surgeons and physicians like you.

You can buy or lease your own suite.  That can be prohibitively expensive.

For sessional suites, often the periods you can book are bundled in four-hour blocks. This certainly doesn’t make for a good return on investment if you only have one or two patients to see. You might only need the room for less than one hour, let alone four!

Of course, you could always ‘borrow’ rooms from another surgeon or physician. But this means you need to fit in with their schedule and, for anaesthetists, it may not always be practical when you want to see patients from different lists.

Recognising this need for a professional consultation environment that is also more flexible, Doctors Accounts currently offers  rooms in the Subiaco Clinic,  St John of God Subiaco WA and Murdoch Medical Centre, St John of God Murdoch WA.

Whether you’re a current client of Doctors Accounts Services or are just looking for a reasonable rate on rooms, you can enjoy:

  • Rooms in periods of one-hour blocks at $75 per hour, or

  • Recurring bookings for $60 per hour, and

  • Access to rooms five days per week from 8.30 am until 5:30 pm

To ensure we don’t lose sight of our competitive pricing, we offer this as an unlimited service at no charge to our clients whose revenue means their fees to us are $2,500 per month or more.

To find out how you can secure a booking for our rooms, or to learn more about what else we can do to remove the burden of administration for your practice, please leave your details below so that we can get in touch with you.

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