We work with a range of doctors in private practice

Doctors who work in private practice often need to juggle their clinical responsibilities with their administration demands. We know that administration tasks are important, but they should not hinder you from taking on more work and certainly should not impact life outside of work.

If you’re a Perth-based doctor, you need a local company that understands your community, the hospitals you work with and what your ambitions are. Our clients not only appreciate our local market knowledge, but they also see the benefit in having a team of staff on call at all hours.

For your private practice to be a success, you should focus on the core of your business – being a doctor.

What is your specialty?

What field do you specialise in? Select your specialty below to find out how our service is tailored to your needs and the demands of your profession.

Can’t find your specialty?

We tailor our services for a wide range of specialties. If you’re not listed above, chat to us about your admin needs and we can work together to see if we can help you with the admin load.