Health funds commentary on the value of your services

There is much more to the anaesthetists’ role than sending a patient to sleep. Patients need to consider which doctors are right for them – not simply shop around for the cheapest deal. Unfortunately, health funds are not focused on delivering the right information to their members. Rather than provide some sort of critical appraisal, patient feedback on quality or information about a doctors’ practice, the focus of the health funds seems to be centred on the fees doctors charge for their services. Read more

You wouldn’t do the work of your tech…

You’re a specialist. Not a GP, not a general physician – you’re a specialist. You’ve dedicated time to become the best at what you do and when you go to work, you focus on that specialist role.

You don’t go to theatre and do the work of your tech, so why would you go home and do the work of a bookkeeper? Read more